Welcome to 2014

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Here is the news for January 2014.

Apps Created:

This app maps all the B.C. Schools:

Apps Updated:

This app maps all the B.C. Libraries:

This app is a demo of a coffee-shop ordering system:

This app is a demo of real-time map markers:

Libraries Created:

Libraries Updated:

Open Data

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I just released my first Open Data app using Meteor Leaflet.

It maps all the BC Libraries | GitHub | App

Open Source

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I updated the Meteor Leaflet package with a new demo (real-time map markers).

I also posted the demo to Made with Meteor.

Meteor-Leaflet-Demo | GitHub | Demo

Open Source

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Over the past few weeks I enjoyed building these projects.

Demo Apps with sources:

  1. Batman-Barista | Demo | Github
  2. Meteor-Barista | Demo | Github

Meteor-Barista is on Made With Meteor

Demo App only

  1. Meteor-Leaflet | Demo

Meteor Packages:

  1. Meteor-Sugar | Github
  2. Meteor-Leaflet | Github
  3. Meteor-Knockout | Github

These packages are listed on Atomsphere